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Turtle Island Organic Teas and Herbs is always searching for the highest quality, life-enhancing products we can find for you.

We offer the finest loose-leaf, certified organic teas. A well-earned tea break is often the best way to relax, sit back and catch your breath. But, it is not just the relaxation that is good for you.

Although we produce our teas principally for your drinking pleasure, we cannot ignore ongoing scientific studies that prove what practitioners of traditional Asian medicine have been saying for thousands of years about tea and health. There is increasing evidence of the health benefits of tea in aiding weight loss, promoting a healthy heart and perhaps even preventing some kinds of cancer and arthritis.

Similarly, countless studies performed on the therapeutic benefits and applications of various herbs and herbal extracts presents strong evidence that taking herbs in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial. The primary source of health care for 80% of the world and used for thousands of years by all humans, herbs have a lot to offer.

We hope you take a moment to select a few of our Third-Party certified organic, high quality products.

For more details contact us: sales@turtleislandorganicteasandherbs.com



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